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Youtube is the new TV. I consume more Youtube’s videos than TV real-time programs, glad to be a millennial ;).

I wanna to share my favorite Youtube channels. I subscribe to all of them and follow every week.


Brexit: a few links.

Brexit is coming. Yesterday, Theresa May took place in Downing Street. One of the first movement she took was to point out Boris Johson as foreign secretary. Mr. Johson has been a very active Brexit leader.

In relation to the Brexit situation, the mother of all questions is: How Europe will be affected by the Brexit? This is good picture that I found, the heat map summarized European sovereigns’ external vulnerability:


Captura de pantalla 2016-07-14 a las 17.58.50.png

For the macro perspective this chart is awesome. Among the biggest countries in Europe, Germany and France, are those that do not have an elevated vulnerability with the UK. On the other hand, Spain, Italy and Ireland have a few or more red boxes. With this heat map in mind, you will imagine how tough the negotiations will be between the UK and the UE.

To the other side, a micro outlook, is great. The Brexit Value Effect.


Captura de pantalla 2016-07-13 a las 17.05.53.png



Boris Johnson – The Irresistible Rise.