¿Vivimos en una burbuja (financiera)?

Vuelvo a la escritura unos meses después, esta vez en español. Una pandemia, tipos de interés bajos y una cantidad de deuda enorme están en el día a día de muchos inversores. La vuelta de la inflación suena con fuerza en muchos analistas y esta quizás sea una de las mejores armas que tienen losContinue reading “¿Vivimos en una burbuja (financiera)?”

Notes from Anthony Deden interview by Grant Williams

To be honest, I did not know Anthony Deden, he is the founder of Edelweiss Holdings, a private investment holding company with long-term participation in the production, chemistry and technology of food, aquaculture, materials, forestry, resources and various industrial and engineering endeavours. Recently I watched an amazing interview with Grant Williams (Real Vision) and I wasContinue reading “Notes from Anthony Deden interview by Grant Williams”

Sunday charts

If you do not know I have a Twitter account, @saetacapital, that you can follow. Every Sunday I tweet around 10 charts that I found during the previous week. This is the thread for today: #sundaycharts is here…this is from the book “Taming the Sun” (https://t.co/G0g4oKsaZa), really good read! #tamingthesun pic.twitter.com/OGuuVAvYVK — Peter Sullivan (@saetacapital)Continue reading “Sunday charts”