¿Vivimos en una burbuja (financiera)?

Vuelvo a la escritura unos meses después, esta vez en español. Una pandemia, tipos de interés bajos y una cantidad de deuda enorme están en el día a día de muchos inversores. La vuelta de la inflación suena con fuerza en muchos analistas y esta quizás sea una de las mejores armas que tienen losContinue reading “¿Vivimos en una burbuja (financiera)?”


2017: a value year?

Great interview by Estrategias de Inversión. If you understand Spanish you must watch this interview to María Dolores Solana, Fund Manager at Santander Asset Management. She has been managing the fund Santander Small Caps for more than 10 years. See below the performance (source). A few comments and quotes: “I am starting to change theContinue reading “2017: a value year?”

16 Questions About Self Driving Cars + links

Every day I need to drive my car around 30 minutes. I do not have a good public transport commute to go to work, so, drive my own car is the best way. But it is quite boring and unproductive. Maybe in 2023 or before I will have the opportunity to read or watch YoutubeContinue reading “16 Questions About Self Driving Cars + links”

Brexit: a few links.

Brexit is coming. Yesterday, Theresa May took place in Downing Street. One of the first movement she took was to point out Boris Johson as foreign secretary. Mr. Johson has been a very active Brexit leader. In relation to the Brexit situation, the mother of all questions is: How Europe will be affected by theContinue reading “Brexit: a few links.”