Always learner.

The purpose of this blog for me is to translate my thoughs about investing and business. Nowadays we live in a world with too noisy information. Another reason for this blog is to build up my own principles.

I will use my Twitter account to publish short thoughs about companies/market and this blog I will develop my own investment ideas.

I love to read but I need I place to write down my ideas about investing, finance, accounting, valuation and companies. The process will be difficult until I develop a good and reasonable mental model to invest.

The value of Principles. As in life, every investor need to have Principles. For example, in the book “Valuation”, written by three Mckinsey employees, they have a few principles about invest in any project or “Foundations of Value” as they called it.

“Companies create value by investing capital to generate future cash flows at rates of return that exceed their cost of capital.”

“A corollary of this principle is the conservation of value: any action that doesn’t increase cash flows doesn’t create value.”

In the next posts I will talk more about this great book called “Valuation”.


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