Valuespaña 2018 – Videos

Last 15 and 16 of March took place Valuespaña 2018, where a great number of fund managers present an investment idea.

Here is the list of the fund managers: Iván Martín (Magallanes Value Investors), Marc Saint John Webb (Quaero Capital), Oliver Kelton (Odey), Richard Cook (Cook and Bynum), Stuart Mitchell (S.W. Mitchell Capital), Simon Caufield, Francisco López (A&G), Sid Choraria (Amiral Gestion), Fredrik Bjelland (Skagen Funds), Vinod Nair (Altavista), Bob Robotti (Robotti), Andrew Hollingworth (HollAndadvisors), Lorenzo Serratosa, Emilia Vieira, Evan Vanderveer, Beltrán de la Lastra (Bestinver), Andrés Allende (Cobas Asset Management) and Antonio López.

Below all the ideas that these fund managers share with us. Thanks to Rankia to upload all these videos.

Sid Choraria, Amiral Gestion – Nesco

Fredrik Bjelland, Skagen Funds – Aeroflot

Andrew Hollingworth , Holland Advisors – Marshmallow Investing


Iván Martín, Magallanes Value Investors – Savencia



Simon Caufield, Sensible Investors – Ryanair and


Emilia Vieira, Casa de Investimentos – Allergan


Evan Vanderveer, Vanshap Capital – Hoteles City Express


Francisco López, LIFT Investment Advisors. Talgo



Lorenzo Serratosa, Kau Markets –



Richard Cook, Cook & Bynum – Liberty Latin America


Marc Saint John Webb, Quaero Capital – Sarantis

Robert Robotti, Robotti & Co – Stolt-Nielsen

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